1st basal turn of the scala tympani tends to push the electrode toward the fragile basilar membrane as the electrode is advanced. This device had 6 separate electrode channels and was implanted into 3 subjects in 1999 as part of a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) feasibility trial. The most important finding of the feasibility trial was that residual acoustic hearing and residual word perception
AnuscriptGantz et al.PageS8 implant data was published in 200912 and this report describes the final outcome of the clinical trial.Author Manuscript Author Manuscript Author Manuscript Author ManuscriptMethodsParticipants Eighty-seven subjects in the U.S. received Nucleus?HybridTM S8 implants (with 6 contacts across 10 mm electrodes) under an Investigational Device Exemption (IDE). The subjects in
The cochlear while at the same time preserving the LF hearing offers numerous advantages to these individuals. The concept of the Hybrid cochlear implant began in 1995 when the senior author approached Cochlear Americas to design an electrode that could be implanted into the base of the cochlea while preserving LF hearing in individuals with mild to moderate residual hearing. It was unknown if pla
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