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For changes in acoustic hearing). Two subjects preferred to use their natural low-frequency hearing in both ears, rather than hearing aids, with the implant (both had mild to moderate hearing thresholds up to 750 Hz in both ears) and were tested in this listening mode. These two subjects were still considered to be using combined electric and bilateral acoustic hearing. Two subjects (one with prof
Se MSM previously (Young et al., 2014). Similar interventions implemented via GSN apps may be protective against substance misuse among GSN appusing MSM. Finally, those interested in promoting health behaviors among GSN app-using MSM must bear in mind that GSN apps are used for much more than substance use and/or casual sex partner seeking; instead, GSN apps represent important social contexts for
Equency ranges of 688?938 Hz or 1063?938 Hz. "Functional" acoustic hearing was defined by frequencies with thresholds better than 90 dB HL and provided with acoustic amplification. Subjects continued to use a hearing aid in the implant ear, with amplification provided up to the cutoff of functional hearing. The amplification characteristics applied to the low-frequencies were also based on targets
F a subject had a preoperative threshold at 500 Hz of 25 dB HL and then lost 30 dB HL of hearing at initial activation, that person still had useable hearing at 500 Hz (55 dB HL threshold). Contrast this to a person with a preoperative threshold of 60 dB HL at 500 Hz and then lost 35 dB HL of hearing at initial activation. This person no longer had functional hearing at 500 Hz (95 dB HL threshold)
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