Th micro footplate hooks and/or instrumentation11. All devices were placed through a cochleostomy surgical approach. Post-operative Procedures Programming of Electric and Acoustic Devices--Approximately 1 month following surgery, subjects returned to their audiologist for activation of their cochlear implant. Puretone air- and bone-conduction thresholds were measured in each ear to determine prese
Ial was initiated with optimally fitted amplification prior to baseline testing. Optimally fitted amplification characteristics were determined based on targets derived from the National Acoustics Laboratories (NAL) hearing aid fitting procedure17,18. Preoperatively, the CNC words and BKB-SIN tests were administered: 1. 2. 3. with acoustic stimulation provided in the ear to be implanted, with acou
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For changes in acoustic hearing). Two subjects preferred to use their natural low-frequency hearing in both ears, rather than hearing aids, with the implant (both had mild to moderate hearing thresholds up to 750 Hz in both ears) and were tested in this listening mode. These two subjects were still considered to be using combined electric and bilateral acoustic hearing. Two subjects (one with prof
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logainofhades 7 months ago It is actually like AMD isn't really even trying
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