PTA was compared pre vs. post operatively in both the implant ear and the contralateral non-implanted ear (though only data for the implanted ear are presented herein). This allowed us to contrast any post-operative loss of hearing as a result of implantation versus as a result of continued hearing loss associated with the patient's ongoing disease process. All patients' processors were programmed
Th micro footplate hooks and/or instrumentation11. All devices were placed through a cochleostomy surgical approach. Post-operative Procedures Programming of Electric and Acoustic Devices--Approximately 1 month following surgery, subjects returned to their audiologist for activation of their cochlear implant. Puretone air- and bone-conduction thresholds were measured in each ear to determine prese
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Abling MSM to take the survey using their private computers, smartphones or tablets likely contributed to veracity in reporting of behaviors; however, it is impossible to know for certain. In addition, we gathered data on the attitudes of participants' social network members from the participants themselves, without consulting nominated network members. It is quite possible that participants' perc
Ns. Some of the participants mentioned reasons not listed in our questionnaire such as being ashamed to appear in public with a bandaged nose anda dislike for attracting attention. Some others mentioned that they believe whatever god has created is beautiful and should not be manipulated.Table 3: Attitude toward rhinoplastyHow do you feel about your nose? Happy Not Happy Don't care Do you want to
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Ns made in this study. That is, subjects were able to review their prior responses made preoperatively with acoustic stimulation alone when making their responses at the 6month evaluation. The APHAB was added in Phase 2 of the study, and were not administered to those implanted prior to Phase 2. The CD-recorded speech perception tests were administered in a calibrated sound-field at 70 dBC, with p
Ial was initiated with optimally fitted amplification prior to baseline testing. Optimally fitted amplification characteristics were determined based on targets derived from the National Acoustics Laboratories (NAL) hearing aid fitting procedure17,18. Preoperatively, the CNC words and BKB-SIN tests were administered: 1. 2. 3. with acoustic stimulation provided in the ear to be implanted, with acou
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