5E). A former review described that this C-terminal pursue moiety regarding Myo2, referred to as Myo2Ct (alcoholics anonymous 1394�C1526), had been needed along with sufficient pertaining to F-actin-independent localization involving Myo2 in department internet site (Motegi et?al. 04). All of us observed that will exogenously expressed Myo2Ct-mYFP (monomeric yellow luminescent protein) local for y
Equency ranges of 688?938 Hz or 1063?938 Hz. "Functional" acoustic hearing was defined by frequencies with thresholds better than 90 dB HL and provided with acoustic amplification. Subjects continued to use a hearing aid in the implant ear, with amplification provided up to the cutoff of functional hearing. The amplification characteristics applied to the low-frequencies were also based on targets
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Th micro footplate hooks and/or instrumentation11. All devices were placed through a cochleostomy surgical approach. Post-operative Procedures Programming of Electric and Acoustic Devices--Approximately 1 month following surgery, subjects returned to their audiologist for activation of their cochlear implant. Puretone air- and bone-conduction thresholds were measured in each ear to determine prese
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Th bilateral hearing aids. Defining Hearing Preservation: Functional vs Non Functional Acoustic Hearing--One of the risks of any cochlear implant surgery is the loss of residual hearing. For subjects who were implanted under this study, it was unknown if a shorter device could be implanted into the basal region of the cochlea while still preserving their good LF acoustic hearing. As we began analy
S, Centennial, CO, USA of Washington, Department of Otolaryngology--Head and Neck Surgery, Seattle, WA, of Communication Disorders, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, USA4UniversityUSA5DepartmentAbstractObjective--The concept expanding electrical speech processing to those with more residual acoustic hearing with a less invasive shorter cochlear implant has been ongoing since 1999. A multi-center
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