Netic analyses were performed (CEFE), species of associated plant and ant, country where the sample was collected, name of the closest village or town, date of collection, geographical coordinates (WGS84, decimal degrees), name of collector, identity of the Molecular Operational Taxonomic Unit and the corresponding haplotype detected using universal or specific primers or molecular cloning. (XLSX)
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S, etiology of the hearing loss was unknown (41/87 or 47.1 ), with many describing a family history of hearing loss (22/87 or 25.3 ). Etiologies of hearing loss in the remaining subjects included: history of noise exposure (15/87 or 17.2 ), autoimmune inner ear disease (2/87 or 2.3 ), measles (2/87 or 2.3 ), ototoxicity, neuritis, large vestibular aqueduct syndrome, Usher's Syndrome and endolympha
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PTA was compared pre vs. post operatively in both the implant ear and the contralateral non-implanted ear (though only data for the implanted ear are presented herein). This allowed us to contrast any post-operative loss of hearing as a result of implantation versus as a result of continued hearing loss associated with the patient's ongoing disease process. All patients' processors were programmed
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