Acute renal failure requiring hemodialysis occurred in one patient, and four cases of temporary renal function impairment were successfully managed with medical therapies. There was one case of postoperative ileus, two cases of wound infection or dehiscence and eight cases of medical complications including acute myocardial infarction, fever, stress ulcer and so on. There were no deaths in the pre
Equency ranges of 688?938 Hz or 1063?938 Hz. "Functional" acoustic hearing was defined by frequencies with thresholds better than 90 dB HL and provided with acoustic amplification. Subjects continued to use a hearing aid in the implant ear, with amplification provided up to the cutoff of functional hearing. The amplification characteristics applied to the low-frequencies were also based on targets
Aberrant initial in the RAS path cooperates together with decrease of p53 to synergistically affect growth formation [110], and it's also likely that the objective of KLF5 is determined by the particular family member standing involving each #links# of such path ways throughout epithelial tumorigenesis. Even though previously magazines collectively pointed into a tumor suppressor position for KLF5
Ognition test was used to assess speech perception in quiet, unilaterally and bilaterally. The CNC test consists of 10 lists with 50 monosyllabic words in each list. Two lists are administered for a total of 100 words per test condition. Subject responses were scored for the number of words correct, expressed as a percentage. BKB-SIN Test--The BKB-SIN test consisted of 36 lists of sentences with t
0 mm electrodes incorporating 6 stimulating contacts. In 2002, the feasibility study was expanded to a multicenter trial involving 9 investigational sites, in order to determine if the initial results from the University of Iowa could be more widely duplicated. This stage was referred to as the "Phase 1 trial." Twenty-five subjects received Nucleus 24-based devices with 10 mm electrodes during thi
AnuscriptGantz et al.PageS8 implant data was published in 200912 and this report describes the final outcome of the clinical trial.Author Manuscript Author Manuscript Author Manuscript Author ManuscriptMethodsParticipants Eighty-seven subjects in the U.S. received Nucleus?HybridTM S8 implants (with 6 contacts across 10 mm electrodes) under an Investigational Device Exemption (IDE). The subjects in
Th bilateral hearing aids. Defining Hearing Preservation: Functional vs Non Functional Acoustic Hearing--One of the risks of any cochlear implant surgery is the loss of residual hearing. For subjects who were implanted under this study, it was unknown if a shorter device could be implanted into the basal region of the cochlea while still preserving their good LF acoustic hearing. As we began analy
Ere was significant improvement in speech understanding. Furthermore, all subjects reported positive improvements in hearing in three of the 4 subscales of the APHAB. Conclusion--The concept of hybrid speech processing has significant advantages for subjects with residual low-frequency hearing. In this study, the Nucleus?HybridTM S8 provided improvedCorresponding author: Bruce J Gantz, MD, Profess
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